Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcome Year 2013... Goodbye Year 2012


While I was writing this new post, I just a few minutes came back from a ceremony - Annual Grand Meeting of Medical Faculty.. It has always being a routine for me, the first switch that I need to turn on is my Vostro 1400, my laptop... So, I switched on and started sharing my thought on blog which I don't think is important for me to do so and neither me have a lot of fans.... Saje je luangkan dalam 30 minit rehat

Within a few minutes typing, a beads of sweat on my forehead started to streaming down to my temples and I could hear the crackle of firecracker firing on midnight January 1, 2013.

As a new post for this new year, I do not intend to talk so much... I'm just curious about new year resolution.. U know what!!! While I was scrolling down the facebook status, many keep asking and/or telling about the new year and last year resolutions... My questions are - Do we need to wait for new year to set up our new goals/targets?? 

Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan

Do we need to wait until December 31, to cry for whatever reasons of not being able to accomplish last year resolutions?

hahahaha.... comel... Jangan jadi cam dia ni.. hangat-hangat tahi ayam..

The answer is yours.. But in my opinion, there is nothing wrong for us to set up new goals on January 1.. Why?? Because it can motivates our spirit to achieve something that we are desires of... Alaaaah, orang kate pasang niat yang baik pun dah dapat pahala kan kan kan kan... However, other point of view suggest that it would be better if we do not wait for new coming year to set up our targets.. If possible set it up at the moment when the ideas come across our mind.. Because it will teach you not to become a procrastinator..Am I right??... Eee, mengarut betul hujah palsu aku nii..

Ape-ape pun, no offence bro... Jom layan video mat saleh yg pandai cakap Bahasa Melayu ni... Aku suka tengok video dia ni... Dia pandai menghiburkan peminat-peminat Malaysia dia... Dia ajar speaking ikut slang British dan Amerika.. Aku ni obses dalam meningkatkan mutu slang aku...Orang mesti bengang kan ngan aku.... Melayu bajet cakap macam Mat Salleh gituuuu.... Ah ah ah...Peduli apa aku ngan ko... By the way, nama Mat Saleh ni Ben Bradshaw.... Dia ada jugak buat video sedutan cerita P.Ramlee.. Jom layann 

Ben Bradshaw atau Gigi Putih............... Selamat menonton dan Selamat Tahun Baru 2013 semua..^^

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