Friday, 4 January 2013

Exotic Lychee Syrup Pool

Assalamualaikum  and hello everybody

Now I realized that it is not as easy as ABC to become a blogger. I salute those who managed to become a blogger over the past few years. They always have idea on their mind to be shared out with the public. I just want to share a little bit of reflection after a few weeks had been involved with blogging. I can feel that it is hard to become a blogger who always continue to share their new post. Idea deprivation is the main reason. 

Lack of idea?? Owh, it doesn't matter as my intention of creating this blog is not because of public satisfaction. It is more of keeping my life diary "di alam maya". In this post I want to share a simple recipe. This recipe is taken from a Malaysia's famous cooking magazine-SAJI. Last Wednesday, while I was scrutinizing SAJI contents, I found this recipe that really caught my eyes. I names my home made as Exotic Lychee Syrup Pool. I'm not an expert in cooking. This post is not intend to overshadow these 2 famous cooking blog, AZLITA MASAM MANIS and CHE MAT GEBU. No offence to all these great cooking-oriented blogger. Lets have a look on the ingredients and methods.

Untuk memudahkan "Marvelous Companion", saya akan tulis secara ringkas.


1.Asam limau nipis
2.Sirap Laici

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan.


1. Campurkan laici berserta dengan sirapnya ke dalam bekas yang mengandungi cincau

2. Kemudian, hiriskan asam limau nipis mengikut kreativiti masing-masing

Hasil campuran semua bahan
3.  Akhir sekali, untuk sensasi sejuk dan nyaman masukkan ais kiub ke dalam campuran laici, cincau dan asam limau.

Nyaman sungguh rasanya sewaktu menikmati dikala panas terik hari Jumaat yang mulia

Licin habis sampai ke titisan yang terakhir. Sejuk-sejuk nyaman je waktu melantak.
I would like to suggest those who read this post to try Exotic Lychee Syrup Pool. It is very easy to be served and not costly. Hopefully, my message for this post is well-delivered. 

InsyaAllah, with determination and willingness everybody can do it. Believe it or not? lets try.


  1. wah Mar.... retis maryani korea komen laa.... hehehe... cuba la try mar