Monday, 24 December 2012

Behind the scene: MUASRM's marketing officers

From a milestone distance, I heard myriad of bizzare voices.. I can't confirm for sure of what I heard was about..However, it sounds somewhat like this....Buahahahahahahahahahahahaha (panjang hilaiannya)... 

                             Teman rasa nak bakorrrrrr jer bilik tingkat atas tu... 
Anyone of u who agree with me please raise your hand like Usop Wilcha..

That laughing voice was almost the same as Malaysia's phenomenon female vampire!!Kak Limah
Aiiiii.... seksi jugak kak limah dalam gelap... kak limah oiii... dalam kampung x payah le pakai helmet..
Bingit gila telinga aku dengar suara hilaian pontianak sundal malam memekik dari tingkat 2 tu..... Suara siapakah itu ?? 2-3 jenis pontianak yg aku dengar... Aku ni jenis pantang dengar suara pontianak mengilai aku akan ikut nak mengilai sama..

Therefore, I went upstairs  to see what was actually behind the scene.. Meriahnya Uollsss^^....Waahhh ^^.. My friends were so busy opening a gossip corner while cooking for dadih and triffle... They are the marketing officers for MUASRM (Medical Undergraduate Annual Scientific Research Meeting).. Alang-alang dah datang, saya pun tolong la jugak (Eeeeeii, rajinnya budak ni kan... ahaakkkksss)..

For those who don't know what MUASRM is all about, let me tell u briefly.. Basically, MUASRM is a special study module for all Year 4 UKM ( The National University of Malaysia)... In this module, we (a group of 4-5 students) are required to conduct a medical research... WowwWwW.. Isn't it sounds impressive? Hopefully, UKM medical students will be able to make a new discovery which will change the world.. It is a pre-requisite for us to sit for professional examination and as a preparatory phase for our future.. To make this soon-to-be event a success, they have to make sure that financial is stable....Conclusively, it is hard to become a marketing officer... PITY THEM..Without further delay, I would like to show u what had happened on the night of Christmas Eve in Zhafir's Villa..

I can feel its cool sensation..
Partially done!!!! Oyeahh.. This is so-called Dadih Senyaman Salju MUASRM... There are yam, chocolate and strawberry flavours.. 

This is what they claimed as Trifle Gembira katenyer..Waiting to be filled with red jelly..

Done !!! Ready to be served.... Yummmylicious....Oh my goodness... Seriously,  perfect.. It is not even finger licking good but I would agree to say that it is also toe licking good... slurrrppppppppp ~~~
Let us support our MUASRM to be a successful program.. All the items are sold at a reasonable price..
Muackk!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.


  1. same goes to my room.. stp mlm dengar hilaian, nyanyian cik ponti dr bilik ats..kekekeke

  2. cehh.... sebenarnya i pon nyanyi jugokkkkk.... hehehe