Sunday, 23 December 2012

Why one should have a blog?

Wahhhhhh Gitu.... The title sounds like  I have had been blogging for many years.... Miahahaha.. In fact, I'm just started to blog.. WHY? WHY?

The picture looks so classic signifies that blog have existed long time ago.. But I'm just started to have chemical bonding with blog

Well !!! Blog is one of medium to share our thoughts, opinion and to some extent people use it to express their feelings.. Is it necessarily crucial for me to have a blog ? My answer of course would be no.. I don't think that person like me having a blog is important... "U know why? Cuz I love u so much.. And I will make sure that, one fine day u will be deadly in love with me..." OMG, flight of ideas.. Wakaka.. I'm a bit manic but I'm not crazy...So, don't hesitate to read my blog ^^... Actually, that was one of dialogues in Ombak Rindu by Lisa Sughihani... Soghi, I pun dah terikut-ikut ARG lisa... hahaha... I adore her action in that movie so much..

Okay, back to my statement... I don't think that person like me having a blog is important because :-

  • I'm not a supercilik model like Fatin Liyana 
  • I'm not a journalist or broadcaster either like Zan Azlee
  • I'm not a queen of propaganza (common Manglish term) like Diva Azwan Ali katenyerrrr
  • I'm not a joker like WanBlur in the House..(famous uols)
But I'm just an ordinary human being who knew a very little knowledge about blog.. Jadi, kalau dah tau diri tu tak popular, kenapa masih nak buat blog ?? As saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.. The picture below may explain to u..

Some reasons for blogging.

Actually, my main reason to blog is to use my time wisely.. My time is mostly being spent for indoor purposes.. Not much can be done apart from studying, facebooking and youtubing.. I'm a kind of person who always wanted to try and explore something new.. So, this is my new passion of interest... This is also as medium for me to flash back in the future of what had happened in the past... I was once thinking of writing a diary...Cehh, ala-ala Yo Soy Betty La Fea gitu.... But again, compliance issue is the main problem..

In this blog, I will try to use both my mother tongue language and English language.. I will keep updating my blog in order to give u a therapeutic remedy...

Salam mesra daripada saya... maaf kalau terkasar bahasa dan terlanjur bicara.. 


  1. speechless wif ur incredible opening entry..excellent!!

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    2. How to get into your blog?? teach me please... I don't know how... give me ur blog link...

    3. thanks for your motivated comment Shawal Shah....