Monday, 28 January 2013

Only Hope: The Almighty


Lets imitate Maria Elena - Assalamualaikum tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang.. Ihiks

Bajet Michelle Phang

It has been quite sometimes since my last post about Exotic Syrup Lychee Pool. I hope you guys or gals enjoy the recipe and some of you might have tried to quench your thirst, maybe. Well, just for my own satisfaction particularly writing satisfaction, I would like to share a little bit of my interest here. One of my interest is writing. My love in writing grows ever since I was in secondary school and it accounts for reason of having this blog.

On top of that, I'm a kind of person who like to sing. Do you believe it? Of course my friends knew and used about. Sometimes, I walk with poise and singing confidently. hahahhaa.... and people told me that my voice seems can't be compared with our Voice of Asia, Siti Nurhaliza. The reason lies in the fact that my voice has its own uniqueness. OMG, sounds so grandiose.

Lets go to the main point. Last night, as I saw the moon linger over the land and before it was sent to the invisible, my mind was filled with this song-ONLY HOPE.  There are very few English songs that I really enjoyed. I mostly prefer to listen Malay or Indonesia songs as I understood the messages conveyed and it suits my soul. Language used in Malay songs means more to me. I enjoyed listening Malay Classic song like Gurindam Jiwa. ONLY HOPE is among a very few English songs that I like.

My friend introduced me this song when I was in Penang Matriculation. For me, the song not only present an unforgettable and therapeutic melody but the very thought of it is the lyric. As the exam is no more around the corner but knocking the door, I think it is time for me to put my effort to struggle. As a Muslim, I believe that I just can plan for everything, but The Almighty is the one who will decide. Therefore, the ONLY HOPE in our life is Allah. To know more about the lyrics, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN. 

Kita hanya mampu merancang, yang menentukan segalanya adalah Allah. Kita tidak mampu meramal masa depan. Namun, jika kita berusaha dan berdoa InsyaAllah segalanya mampu menjadi milik kita. Semoga berjaya kepada kawan-kawan yang akan menduduki Basic Life Support dan Short Case.

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