Thursday, 30 April 2015

Post professional exam mode: Time to polish my dusty blog

It's rusty and dusty. After about one year leaving my blog in untouched, tonight I made to sign in. Luckily I still remember the password to sign in. When I am about to write a new post, there's a question that comes up momentarily in my mind. Why do I need to have a blog? It keeps me think about a minute to figure out the real existence of my blog. Basically, it relates to my personality. I'm a kind of person who is expressive. I love to share my view, happiness, and possibly sadness. However, I might not be the most outspoken person. I can say that some people claim that I am a shy person. Well, I think what people think about me partly true. The mainstay way of how I express myself is via writing. It was 7 years ago when I was in Form 4, my teachers always told my friends that she like to read my essay writing which were always well-written. Guys, I'm not boasting myself yeah. Possibly, that is the reason why I love to have a blog even I have a very limited time to care for it. Oh yeah, speaking about my school age I have something to share here. In remembrance to who I was in the past, I would like to book the memory in the past here tonight. When I was in Form 4, I was offered to join a national essay writing competition which was organized by Department of Standard Malaysia which was based in satellite city, Putrajaya. Another year 5 student whose name is Mukhriz was also offered to join this competition by Cikgu Zerafina Bt Jerawi. She is a Sabahan who came to teach in Kelantan because she had to follow her husband, a policeman who was transferred to Kelantan. It was the end of 2006 when I was announced as the first prize winner of the competition. I did not expect to win the competition as that was my first competition and I thought there might be other student who could do even far well than me. Everything was ordained by Allah. He is the best planner. Thank you Allah for bestowed me such a memorable experience. The recipe for success is always the combination of effort and prayer. After weeks I have had burnt the midnight oil writing my around 1000 words long essay entitled...... Errrrrrrrrr, I could not remember the exact title. I'm still keeping the soft copy of my essay. However, there was no title written on top of it. However, the main issue that I had written of was about "Kebaikan Tanda Kualiti". It is very close to consumerism issue, It acts as a bonus point for me whenever from a very shy and quiet boy, most of my seniors and juniors started to open their eyes. I was elected to become the President of Kelab Pengguna, Secretary of St. John Ambulance, President of Kelab Pentanque and I was offered to become prefect which I had refused. As the first prize winner, I was awarded an amount of RM1250 which for me as a secondary school student was quite significant. I was offered to stay in JW Marriot hotel Putrajaya but I opted to stay in my aunty house in Putrajaya. On top of that, I was given AirAsia flight ticket by the organizer to attend the event which was scheduled November 20th, 2006. Initially, my mom against my decision to go there by flight as it was my first experience to be onboard. I have never had been on any flight before. Being a form 4 student, always pampered by my mom and dependent on older person, my mom ask me to go there by bus. Fortunately, my aunty had persuaded her to allow me and believe me that I can be independent and wise while on flight and after arrival in LCCT. Eventually I made it, it was an unforgettable experience being on my first flight alone.

My precious certificate. I received this certificate from Dato' Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis who was heading MOSTI at that time. He had passed away just recently in a helicopter crash.

The second winner in the same category with me was Wenda-Liew Wei Qi. Wenda was not there to attend the event. Who is she?
During my very humble beginning in medical school, I was grouped with a Chinese girl whose name was quite familiar to me. Even it was 3 years past the event which was held in Marriot Hotel Putrajaya, I still could remember the name of second winner who did not attend to receive her certificate. During my PBL session, I had a chance to asked Wenda whether she was the girl who won second place for essay writing competition. She was surprised as I could remember her name even she did not go to the event to receive the award... hahaaha.... memang I jenis that kind of person yang senang ingat small matter..

After my first competition, I was offered to write another essay. Alhamdulillah, I made it to win and conquer the state of Kelantan.

Well, these are all my old time nostalgia. I really miss my old time where everything seems to be realistic in everything that I do. What about my present and my future? 

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