Monday, 4 February 2013

Gossip girl?

Assalamualaikum and ola everyone

Tonight, I burn the midnight oil just to share my thought in this blog. I don't know what to begin with. Spending my time for a while for this blog is worth rather than scrolling up and down the facebook looking for other's status, liking pictures, and commenting. I do not know how much my time had been wasted for facebook all this while. Time is precious yet I still do not know how to apply this principle. Nothing much that can be shared out tonight. Probably something which is so random. 

I had once thought that I couldn't resist the temptation of gossiping. As time flies, past experience had taught me to be careful and try not to gossip too much. Hard for someone to change and it absolutely takes time. Being labelled as an artist^^ consequently being recognized as someone who like to gossip so much. That's the typical thinking of some people. I hope they can change their mindset too. It isn't fair to label someone like that unless you do have some compelling evidences. As a human being, it's easy to program a robot but it's extremely difficult to program human mind in such a way not being so stereotyped to others. He/She are able to change for himself/herself. However, the prerequisite is one to have an intact insight. Presence of that prerequisite makes it possible. Isn't it?

I also try to reduce the temptation to talk about others out of their hearing distance. Therefore, when someone wanted to know something about others, I sometimes will say " maaf saya tak berani nak cakap lebih sebab takut salah guna perkataan dan awak salah faham". Maybe certain words that I used were too much to describe about some people. "Jadi, membisu seribu bahasa itu lebih baik daripada berkata-kata". Isn't it true?

Treat everyone with politeness
Even those who are rude to you
Not because they are not rude
But because you are nice

I had learned a lot from the past experience and it gives me awareness of not only pointing blame on others rather to do self-introspection. I believe that those who always reflect themselves are in in the transitional stage of becoming a mature person. Self-reflection sometimes makes me realize to some do's and don'ts, distinguish between rational and irrational attitude and helps me to find reasonable solution for particular problems. 

Sleeping Beauty
Have you guys reflect yourself before going to sleep? If you didn't, lets join me to do some before falling asleep. Hopefully, not to end up with hypnagogic hallucinations ^^


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